¿What are the Green Arks of the Planet?

The Green Arks of the Planet are Green Lands or Properties where multiple ecosystems are found, such as:

  • Terrestrial ecosystems: Jungles, Forests, Paramos, Bushes.
  • Aquatic Ecosystems: Rivers, Seas, Reefs, Lakes, Lagoons, Springs.
  • Mixed Ecosystems: Coasts and Wetlands.

These properties or Green Lands, from this moment on, we will call or denominate “GREEN ARKS”.

The «GREEN ARKS” They are often refuges for numerous species of animals and plants that are in danger of extinction. That is enough to consider them important. In addition, they represent the preservation of a very important biological heritage from a scientific and even cultural point of view, in the struggle to sustain the biodiversity of our planet.

Appreciating and enjoying an ecosystem, feeling its smell, appreciating its nature, listening to the sound and silence of its own ecosystem, observing the animals, its insects and wild birds, are connections and sensations that the human being will not be able to forget.

The forests give a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, their ability to provide shade and retain moisture make them unique places of biodiversity and balance of the different kingdoms of life (flora, fauna, fungi, protists and moneran).

It is conclusion, the “GREEN ARKS” they are true treasures of humanity that we must protect and defend from that dark power that day by day destroys and allows the felling of forests, the destruction of births, the destruction of thousands of habitats and ecosystems.

In the very near future those “GREEN ARKS” will serve as “Shelters for Life” even the human? They will be Green Lands for contemplation, for the enjoyment and use of all «DGGUARDIANS” becoming the first Decentralized Model of Environmental Protection, Solidarity, Visionary, Protectionist, and Democratic; model that will be referenced throughout Planet Earth.

Destruction of the Green Arks of the Planet

For several decades, we have been hearing how Planet Earth and the environment have been destroyed by human beings, either directly or indirectly. We are all responsible and contribute to the destruction of the Planet.

Thousands of scientists and environmental organizations warn and warn about the serious situation in which planet earth finds itself, they even show us «colors» and «clocks» so that we understand and measure that we do not have much time left for action. We already understood that the responsibility for the protection and care of the Green Lands was left «big» to the State and therefore to its rulers.

We who are in this COMMUNITY have understood something, and that is that we are Environmental Guardians, we love the Mountains, the forests, the Rivers, the Water Sources, rather, que chimba the «PACHA MAMA».

So much arrogance and contempt for Planet Earth could not have the States and their Governors as the only responsible; we just have to understand what our origin is as «HUMANITY». What our role on earth, and if finally we are going to protect and defend it no matter where in the world you find or are. Or if instead you sat back and told future generations that we were not able to protect and defend it?

Scientists have already exposed the worst alerts of «colors» and even «clocks» it is only a matter of time, the «Time Has Come». They look like headlines from the worst destruction movie on the planet.

The main cause of biodiversity loss is the destruction of “Green Lands”. These Green Lands are full of Forests, Paramos, Jungles, Water Sources, Flora and Fauna, this is a true silent extermination, and «justified» to carry out agriculture, livestock, mining, construction of urban projects, construction of roads, construction of new industries, in short for the “advancement of society”.

All this destruction is generating the increase or decrease in the global temperature of the planet, more environmental pollution, extinction of thousands of living animal and plant species (domino effect), devastation that we have been hearing through all the media and by the different government entities. who in their studies and research tell us about the multiple causes, consequences and effects of self-destruction of the human race itself.

The time has come to act, and we become Digital Guardians of the Green Arks. Que chimba la «PACHA MAMA».

Ineffectiveness of the States in the Protection and Care of the Green Arks of the Planet

Today, the States and their rulers in the world already have all the legal tools (organizations, agencies, regulations, resolutions, commissions, codes, laws, etc.) all of this to exercise true environmental protection of the natural resources of planet earth.

We naively think that the States and their rulers with all these legal weapons would be the new GUARDIANS of the GREEN ARKS of Planet Earth, a situation that in reality or in practice does not work like that.

Millions of Territories and Green Lands are being razed and destroyed with the complicity of state agents. The State never assumed the role of true Protector or GUARDIAN of natural resources, and its various excuses such (We are not competent, we have to wait for a ruling, there is no budget, the environmental norm does not grant these powers).

Faced with the lack of courage and courage of the States to fight for Planet Earth, faced with the accelerated and planned destruction of all natural resources, we constitute the “DIGITAL GUARDIANS OF THE GREEN ARKS OF PLANET EARTH”.

The Protection of the Green Arks is a Commitment of All. It’s now or never

We always thought that the protection and defense of Planet Earth was solely and exclusively of the State and its Governors, what a great mistake. We have understood and heeded that the call to defend Planet Earth corresponds to all human beings, «awakened or not awakened» this is a matter of survival of the human race, it is a love story that does not want to end in ruins, it is just telling a story and the birth of a Peaceful and Organized community of Human Beings who were able to save Millions of Green Arks of Planet Earth from almost guaranteed destruction.

The time to act is «now», and we only need your commitment and love for nature, for the mountains, for the jungles, for the forests, for the moors, for the rivers, for the seas, for the reefs, for the water births, THAT’S why I want to become a DGGUARDIANS.

The DGGUARDIANS will protect shelters for life (humanity), we want to prevent GREEN ARKS continue to be razed and destroyed.

  • The GREEN ARKS will be refuges of oxygen and natural water.
  • The GREEN ARKS will be refuges for wild animals.
  • The GREEN ARKS will be refuges for fauna and flora.

The GREEN ARKS will become places of connection between the human being and the land, “going back to the origin”, protecting these rural lands for healthy spiritual spaces. 

Did you ever stop to notice. All the children dead from war? Did you ever stop to notice. This crying Earth, these weeping shores?Michael Jackson
People are always saying,’They’ll take care of it. The government’ll–Don’t worry, they’ll–‘ ‘They’ who? It starts with us. It’s us. Or else it’ll never be done…Michael Jackson